Working Groups

The 2023-2024 Working Groups are moving forward on program priorities approved at Annual Meeting in June 2023 and formulated at Opening Meeting in September. League members have the opportunity to influence the selection of issues and join a group. We welcome new members as we plan and execute public forums, informational meetings, community events, and campaigns.

Voter Engagement

The continued focus of LWV-AA Voter Engagement will be on increasing voter participation in municipal elections and Annual Town Meeting in our six area towns and increasing voter understanding of municipal finance. The League should continue to be a trusted voice and a presence offering candidate information and forums in partnership with election officials in our towns and other nonpartisan groups.

Local Study on Town Meeting

The purpose of this study is to better understand how open Town Meetings (used in all six towns) might be strengthened to ensure that all voters may participate in deciding important matters. Many changes discussed by community members (such as used in some NH towns where Town Meeting is a deliberation, but voting takes place at the ballot) would require a change in Massachusetts General Law (MGL). Other changes would not only require a change in MGL but would also require more extensive development of secure technology (for example, to enable voters to participate and vote remotely).

Celebration of Student-led Civics Projects in School

LWV-AA will continue to work with member towns schools to support and celebrate 8th grade and High School Student-led Civics Projects. This year we will expand our engagement with the Hudson Public Schools and will engage at least one other school in our area towns in the effort. This work would celebrate the civics projects being developed by students with the whole community and reinforce the significance of civics education to all residents of all ages.

Civil Education on Important Topics

LWV-Acton Area will develop public forums on a set of topics of significance and general interest in all six of our member towns. In the LWV-AA Annual Meeting, water quality was identified as a primary focus.

LWV-Acton Area will develop resources to educate our member towns on Municipal Finances ahead of the Annual Town meetings. We’ll develop materials to explore tax levies, overrides, debt exclusions and other topics that are key to an understanding of Municipal Finance.